A Star Party is an event in which telescopes are taken out and used to look at the sky for recreation and enjoyment and to fulfill the desire to peer into the heavens. Here at StarPartys we wish to offer the opportunity to have that desire fulfilled by all ages and for any sized group. We want to bring the thrill of seeing astronomical events through professional telescopes to your home for everyone that has never had the chance to gaze at the celestial sphere or would love to do it again. With multiple powerful telescopes most common bright objects in the South Florida region can be viewed from most locations.

Since as far back as I can remember I have been enjoying viewing the night skies everywhere I went. As Kenneth Oxsalida, living in Miami, Fl my whole life I’m sure it can be hard to imagine good viewings of the sky. However thankfully I was privileged enough to find myself fishing at night in the keys many a night and was able to glare into the heavens and see our own galaxy stretching overhead.

Going through my University years I still knew I loved astronomy and all there was to know of it. This lead me down the path of graduation with a degree in Physics and a minor in Astronomy. My passion of observing and building interests in observing the skies led me to create and establish the FIU Astronomy club which has been now surviving since Fall of 2010.

This is about Kenneth Oxsalida and his journey to explore the night sky and all its bewilderment with you, and hopefully even enlighten some to go out and explore the night skies with your own eyes or with any equipment you happen to have.

Remember, its called a Star “Party,” so make an event of it!