Founded in South Florida, Star Partys seeks to bring the wonders of star gazing back to the public’s enjoyments. Star Partys provides you with the opportunity to have professional grade telescope brought to your home or any suitable location to view the stars and skies. We welcome all ages and all groups, anyone willing and desiring to see firsthand and up close the Planets in our Solar System and along with many great celestial sights available there are always amazing things to see in the sky while we provide the tools and the knowledge. With our offers you need not be an astronomy fanatic, just have the want to see the stars, show your kids, friends and family.

Kenneth Oxsalida is the Founder of Star Partys and with many years of astronomy and telescope experience he is more than capable of enlightening you on the beauty of the universe. Also being a Founder of the FIU Astronomy Club, Ken has many great experiences from which have gained the friendship of the Director of the Miami Museum of Science and Planetarium who has unofficially endorsed Star Partys.

We are a small business looking to expand our horizons in the future to bring the opportunity of backyard astronomy to every families home.

Please keep in mind, the viewing of the night sky with telescopes is solely dependent on weather. With even a clear night of no clouds the atmosphere may still be turbulent not providing optimal views. When scheduling an event please bear in mind the weather factor and attempt to schedule as soon as possible if the weather is clear.

Kenneth Oxsalida

Kenneth Oxsalida