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Perseids peeking!!

Meteor showers are amazing to witness and watch! Opportunities to see many shooting stars in short periods of time in a location of the sky that is relatively determined. The Perseid Shower will peek starting tomorrow the 11th and will…
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Kenneth Oxsalida is working diligently on restructuring the website to become more uniform and easier for you to find what your looking for. Mr. Oxsalida wants to help you find what your looking for in the night sky and what…
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Bright Vega

Friday, July 29 • Bright Vega now passes almost straight overhead around 11 p.m. daylight-saving time, depending on your location. As with all star configurations, you’ll see this happening two hours earlier each month.   From:

Welcome to StarPartys!! We are proud to bring you the latest and greatest information on Astronomical events for all groups and knowledge levels. Kenneth Oxsalida is enthusiastic to bring the beauty of the night sky down to Earth for your enjoyment…
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